Tucson Concert Band
Founded in 1966

The Tucson Concert Band, formerly Beaver's Tucson Concert Band, is in its 51st year of performing for Southern Arizona audiences. Founded by Howard Beaver in 1966, this non profit volunteer community concert band is currently conducted by Lorelei Allison Conrad and provides concerts to the greater Tucson area throughout the year. The band's purpose is to provide a creative opportunity for musicians, age 18 or older, to share musical talents and bring enjoyment to others through public performance. We are formally organized as an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation.  

Please join as we celebrate 51 years of music! We'll look forward to seeing you!
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Lorelei Allison Conrad, LCDR, USN, Ret.
Conductor, Musical Director
Praise for Tucson Concert Band & Navy Band Southwest "Tried, True & Navy Blue"

"What a wonderful concert today! I can't imagine what it's like to merge two bands together and not have much practice time working with each other. Kuddos to everyone!"

"I wish to thank you for the tickets and opportunity to witness an outstanding concert this afternoon. The addition of the Navy band members added to the overall performance of the music. The programming was excellent, the speaker and remarks were enlightening, and the addition of the soloists was wonderful. Your poise and command of the audience is above reproach. The overall musicianship has elevated."


"Exhilarating concert last night! Thank you all for making it possible for the band to play such great music, in a great hall, with a great audience and alongside these tremendous Navy Band SW partners."

"That concert this afternoon was beyond the expressive limits of my vocabulary. The music was exceptionally well played and the selections were very interesting. The humor which did not seem at all to be scripted was highly entertaining. All in all, you, the other conductors, the vocalist, Joey Lessa and both bands just did a fantastic job."

"It was beyond words an awesome experience and so grateful to be a small part of it. So grateful for all the hard work you, Jessica, and so many other people do to result in something bigger than all of us, the highlight, of course, was the electricity and musical magic that bonded all of us during "Victory at Sea" --- WOW!!!!"